Here’s Why 360 Degree Photography Is Really Useful!

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Here’s Why 360 Degree Photography Is Really Useful!

The rise of virtual reality has introduced an unexpected yet great innovation in the world of photography, the 360° photo. You may have heard about 360-degree photography on Facebook or other social media pages. These photos allow the viewer to interact with the image and discover the entire environment around the camera that captured those images.

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What’s The Usefulness Of 360 Degree Photography?

Earlier photography was limited to single flat frames and can be viewed once at a time. The technology was not so advanced to seize really large subjects that moved across the FOV of the lens. Then panorama photography gradually got famous in the 19th century.

“Panoramas are now a popular subject thanks to how easy it is to stitch images together, but really, the future is already here in the form of 360 photography.” – the words of a professional photographer.

What is 360-degree photography?

360-degree photography is the process of taking multiple photos and stitching them together to get a better view. However, 360 photography is not an entirely new trend and our clients have been using them to showcase things like locations, properties, and other commercial purposes.

Who Uses 360 Degree Photography?

These days 360 degree photography is used as a form of entertainment, but also it is being used for a few real-world applications. Let’s begin talking about the entertainment aspect first. The entertainment industry is using 360-degree photography to let their viewers have a new experience everywhere. You will find that some of the most viral YouTube videos this past year have been shot in 360.

For example, Facebook has started implementing the capacity to watch 360 videos in their web player. But, as we have mentioned, amusement is no longer only accepted for VR. Real estate is another field where 360 just shines. The ability to display the potential customers a property right from the internet is a boon to them. With these services, they are making full use of it and earning the most.

That’s why 360-degree photography is really getting popular in the market.



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